Corporate Governance

Consolidated Finance Co. Limited bases its corporate governance structures and practices on its Core Values of:

  • Integrity and Human Dignity
  • Professionalism and Trust
  • Transparency of Accounting principles
  • Confidentiality and assurance of privacy
  • Wellbeing of employees and safety;

and in accordance with The Companies’ Act 1995, and Financial Institutions Act, and their related rules and regulations, within Barbados.

At Consolidated Finance Co. Limited we recognize that strong corporate leadership as identified by a diverse Board of Directors is of critical importance to its valued customers and stakeholders. The Board represents and is accountable to the shareholder of Consolidated Finance Co. Limited, with the vision to maximize value for its stakeholders. Its key activities include:-  

  • Corporate Strategy Oversight,
  • Growth,
  • Implementation of Corporate Policy,
  • Ensuring Compliance with Laws and Regulations,
  • Avoiding Conflicts of Interest and,
  • Overall Management of the Company’s business.  

Board appointed Sub- Committees are responsible for oversight of key areas of operations, which include the Audit Committee, Credit & Investment Committee.